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Le lycée

Welcome in the Lycée Jean Monnet

Par FREDERIQUE IMAR, publié le dimanche 10 décembre 2017 15:43 - Mis à jour le dimanche 10 décembre 2017 15:43

Located in the south west of Les Herbiers, a 14 800 inhabitant city (26 600 for the whole area of Les Herbiers), the Lycée Jean Monnet, a secondary school teaching academic and vocational subject, has been open for 20 years as far as the academic teaching is concerned and for 40 years for the vocatioanl training department.

The Lycée Jean Monnet , a pleasant and recent complex, was built on a 5 hectare wide open space.

The various buildings which cover 14 000 m² are divided as followed : a vocational training department, a general education department, a BTS (vocational training certificate taken after the age of 18) and administration building, the school catering area, the boarding school and the GRETA (training for adults)

In the high school, vocational training is fully recognised as a department : a SEP ( section d'enseignement professionnel)

The 900 pupils ( 450 in the general and technological department, 400 in the vocational training department and 50 students for the products design BTS) are split in 38 classes. 114 pupils are accomodated at the boarding school.

89 teachers and 59 members of the teaching, technical ,social and health staff ensure the daily supervision, services, and teaching from Monday morning to Friday evening in this high school where everything (from a wide range of committees, to places and functioning organisations) have been set up to limit discrimination.upils are mainly recruited in three Junior high schools for the general education department : the Collège Gaston Chaissac in Pouzauges , the collège Olivier Messiaen in Mortagne Sur Sèvres and the Collège Jean Rostand in Les Herbiers. As for the vocational training department, students are recruited on a larger scale : in all Vendée.

700 students take school lunches and the school buses from the coach station which is close to the high school.

The town of Les Herbiers has a dynamic cultural and educational policy which benefits the school. Road safety educational programmes are regularly organised with the other schools. Similarly, the sports facilities at our disposal are cleverly managed by all the different teams from the different schools.

A very active branch of the GRETA, is set up in one of our buildings and brings us to share some premises.

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